Labels - Plain Printed

Your Pal In Packaging:

  • plain printed labels
  • plain printed labels
  • plain printed labels
  • Die Cut Self-adhesive labels.

  • Specialist supplier for Thermal Print requirements.

  • Fulfil the need for manufacturing companies with multiple products being manufactured.

  • Manufactured to requirement: core size, labels per roll, perforation between labels.

  • We are set up to distribute around the country and around the world.

  • We have over 100 different shapes and sizes to fulfil the needs of our clients. New shapes and sizes of labels are added continuously. New dies can be manufactured to fulfil your specific size.

  • Supplied in rolls.

  • We cut labels from various substrates, from self-adhesive: semi-gloss, matt, fluorescent/day glow, thermal eco and thermal top coat materials, to filmic poly prop and polyethylene.

  • Various adhesive options are available that apply to different needs and applications.

  • All of the above can be flood coat if a different or different coloured labels are required.

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