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Contact us today for all your bulk labeling requirements. Label Mate manufactures and supplies customized labels of the highest quality in bulk. From plain to Printed Labels.
Label Mate is well established for all your Labeling Requirements. The business has developed strong partnerships with clients and strives to provide service of the highest quality.

Our Products

We are set up to distribute around the country and around the world. We have over 100 different shapes and sizes to fulfil the needs of our clients. Most months we add new shapes and sizes of labels that we can cut and print. We convert and print on various substrates, from self-adhesive: semi-gloss, matt, fluorescent/day glow, thermal eco and thermal top coat materials, to filmic poly prop and polyethylene. We can laminate and cold varnish for protection. Various adhesive options are available that apply to different needs and applications. We have access to designers that can help assist with design and recommendations to give you the edge in an attractive and eye catching design.